My Belfast Ghost Walk

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This story takes place at Paddy’s Luxury hostel in Belfast. While we were all deeply asleep, night entities were really making a mess, how could we be sure of this ? For several nights we had been hearing voices but which did not speak our language. One morning the alarm clock rang, and as we came out of our rooms, we discovered a strange setting : all the toilet paper was scattered everywhere. It went from the stairs up to the landing, through the kitchen, the bathrooms, all the way to the back garden. One wonder : but who was able to make all this ? We decided to lead an investigation. In the evening, we decided to spy behind curtains to discover what was going on. After several nights, in the frightening silence of this big building, we perceived several white forms moving without any noise, having seen no human appearance, which went to rooms, through doors which never opened, one simple solution, we needed an infra-red camera for ghosts. Once we had bought that camera and installed it in a corner of the corridor, because the ghosts could not go through walls. That very evening the suspicions were raised : there really were ghosts in this inn. We were in a state of shock, pearls of sweat dropping all over our bodies. We were numbed and incapable to react, too petrified by the vision that we had with this camera. No doubt, this beautiful youth hostel was haunted, absolutely ! How were we going to go back to sleep after that discovery ? And what could we say to our classmates and our teachers ? We were sure not to be believed. But how frightened we were !

If you really indeed want to sleep, do not choose this inn !

Julien Poilbois

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